I have to learn a whole new language!

I had no idea that couponing would mean that I’d have to learn a whole new language, but it took me visiting one couponing blog just one time to realize that I better learn the lingo or I’m never going to figure this stuff out.

The language I’m talking about is the commonly accepted abbreviations for all things coupon.  Throughout my blog I’ll be using these abbreviations here and there, so here is the list.

ECB = Extra Care Buck.

RR = Walgreens Register Rewards

WYB = When you Buy

BOGO = Buy one Get one free

BOG50% = Buy one Get one 50% off

FAR = Free After Rebate

IP = Internet Printable Coupon

IVC = Instant Value Coupon at Walgreens. Walgreens store coupon.

MIR = Mail In Rebate

SCR: Single Check Rebate

OYNO = On Your Next Order

OOP = Out of Pocket.

RP = Red Plum insert

SS = Smartsource insert

P&G = Procter and Gamble insert

Peelie= Coupon that is attached to the product itself.  May be used right away, or saved for a future shop.

Blinkie= These are the small machines that are sticking out from grocery shelves at random locations throughout most grocery stores that dispense coupons one at a time.  They sometimes have a little red light that blinks, hence the name blinkie.

CAT = A  cat is a catalina coupon that prints at check out.  It can be for $$ off a certain product or for $$ off your next order.

Matchups or Stacking= When an item is on sale, and you use a coupon for that item which results in even more savings.

Stockpile= Where you store your stocked up products until the next time those products go one sale at their rock bottom price

You can find this list in my FAQ’s for future reference.


About jenboys

I'm a wife, mom of three and a full time student. I love shopping. Even grocery shopping, but I have a habit of spending too much, so I found a way that I can buy alot and not get the evil eye when I come home...coupons!
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