My first coupon funeral

Today, for the very first time, I had to clean the expired coupons out of my binder.  It was filled to the brim with great multiples of high value coupons just waiting for me to walk out of the store with a cart full of free stuff.  Only, for some, the deal never came.  Sniffle, sniffle.

Ok, I am fully aware of how cookoo I sound, but it’s really hard to throw away expired coupons.  Especially the really good ones, like $4 off this or that.  Man…that’s a killer.  Or even worse when I look at the flyers for the upcoming week and see an item on sale, only to realize that the coupon I had for that item just expired.  UGH!  Double killer!

As much as sending expired coupons to their final resting place kills me, there is a little ray of sunshine in this story of sorrow and loss.  Most CVS stores will honor expired coupons up to a month past their expiration date!  How sweet is that!  The only problem that presents is, what to do with all those expired coupons that I don’t want still hanging around all the good coupons and tempting me to use them at another store.  So, I did was pull a few of the expired ones for items that are regularly on sale at CVS and I put them in a special tab in my binder for CVS coupons.  That way, I know they are not to be used at any other store.  This 30 days past the expire date is kind of an unofficial policy at CVS which I think is kind of up to the managers discretion, so I wouldn’t go in to your CVS with a stack just yet.  You should probably give them a ring before you head out to save yourself the trouble, or so you can call another CVS close by to see if you can use them there.   I’m really lucky that the manager at my CVS is married to a couponer, so he tends to be really sympathetic to our cause.  CVS is a very coupon friendly store anyway, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a location nearby that’ll work with you.

Once your 30 days past the expire date has gone by, believe it or not, there is still life in those coupons.  US service members and their families that are stationed overseas are able to use coupons that have past their expiration date by 6 months at their on base commissary.

While in the Air Force, I met an amazing girl who quickly became one of my best friends.  We met in basic training and went to tech school together in Maryland.  After school she got stationed in New Mexico and I headed to North Carolina.  While she was at her first duty station, she fell in love and got married to a fellow airman.  Well, she ended her enlistment at the end of 4 years, but the man she married had plans to make the military his career and she soon found herself shipping out to Germany as an Air Force wife.  I am so happy to be able to give my expired coupons a second life by sending them out for her to use.  On the couponing forum site there is even a forum for commissary matchups!

If you have decided to start couponing and you find yourself up to your eyeballs in expired coupons, the Krazy Coupon Lady has set up an Overseas Coupon Program where she will ship out your expired coupons for you in one big bundle.  They will get distributed at on base commissaries and BX or PXs (BX=base exchange, Air Force store for all non food items, PX=Post exchange, ARMY store for all non food items).  You can find all the info, including rules to go by here:

I guess that softens the blow of getting rid of all those coupons.  Maybe I’ll survive afterall.


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I'm a wife, mom of three and a full time student. I love shopping. Even grocery shopping, but I have a habit of spending too much, so I found a way that I can buy alot and not get the evil eye when I come!
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