All moved in

We are finally moved into the new house and are sort of settled.  Except for, of course, those boxes that seem to linger filled with random, miscellaneous things that don’t really have a specific place.  The boxes are filled with things that you don’t really need on a daily basis, but you know that someday you will need them, and that possibility keeps me from throwing out things like picture hanging wire, and fishing line.  The truth is, everything in those boxes could be purchased for less than $5, so why can’t I just throw them out and free myself of the clutter?  When I think about it, I can imagine myself needing fishing line and instead of going to the miscellaneous box, I can see just getting in my car and going to buy more instead of even looking in the box.  Why?  Because the box always ends up in an inconvenient place and you forget about it…until the next time you move.

Back in Massachusetts, where I’m from, there are basements, which award you with one whole floor of storage space for things like these miscellaneous boxes.  Here, in Florida, there is no such space.  We have a garage, but our garage has our cars in it, so there isn’t a whole lot of room for boxes.  So, for now, my miscellaneous boxes are still sitting in my living room.   I look at them everyday, but just like moving, I dread opening them up and going through all that stuff because going through it would mean I’d have to find a home for all these orphaned items.  So instead they sit and taunt me from the corner.

Well, now that we’re all moved in, I can get back to blogging on a regular basis.  So, stay tuned for more of my crazy tales of attempting to save money.


About jenboys

I'm a wife, mom of three and a full time student. I love shopping. Even grocery shopping, but I have a habit of spending too much, so I found a way that I can buy alot and not get the evil eye when I come!
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